Why Phendey Tour and Treks?

Why Phendey Tour and Treks

To embed the chapters of your lives with the meanings of unwritten seasons and open the newest in the light of your aspirations you have been living with, Phendey Tours & Treks took its inception on 21st October 2008. Mr. Cheten Zangpo, the founder of the company, having embarked on a journey along with all the lifetime travelers, the holiday makers and revealers of the most untold stories of the entire existence, sought the recognition of Phendey Tours and Tours one of the travel service providers in the Land of the Thunder Dragon, the Kingdom of Bhutan. Phendey Tours and Treks as a travel company has its own credible status as a member of Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO), as a business entity under the umbrella of the Department of Tourism  (DOT) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Royal Government of Bhutan.
While a client desires a service of optimal nature, serving with furthered innovations and inventions in the travel and hospitality sector is our pursuit of perseverance.
Observance of humanity above business is the basis of our core values. Under the drive of flawless professionalism and performing exemplarily, we are a group of modest enthusiasts fostering the sacrificial urges purely for the cause of people from all walks of life awaiting such undiscovered moments of life.
Our relentless strive to meet the global standards in terms of business services is our most valuable creed, while the service industry in the country have been through mass digitization most recently. The holistic momentum gained in the travel industry has since then propelled us towards the edges of excellence and competition, giving us the earnestly aspired opportunities to be the part of the most treasured moments in the lives of all the travelers of our destiny. Besides making the memories of your lives simply joyously, we assure that interdependently we and you engrave this whole chapter of being with us and in the Land of the Thunder Dragon on the milestones of your lives.
We are irrefutably the aboriginals of the country you desire to travel or visit. For you, it should be unmistakably a predestined one when you are with us and in the promising hands of Phendey Tours & Treks. Our values walked in terms of economy, reliability and professionalism shall clad you with the feelings of homeliness in the environment of the unexplored and there will always be the highest of our commitments to make your one time movement and the discovery as meaningful as you expected it to be.

Magnificently experiential shall your visit and travel be as we place the humanity above the business.